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Hi my name is Julie and I am very passionate about great quality swimwear for the whole family - why you might ask!

Well a few seasons ago I was frustrated that I couldn't find a Sun Suit that had full length sleeves and legs that would protect my children's skin when we spent the day at the pool or when we go camping or on 4WD trips. I could only find one place that sold them and that was to children who were 3 years and under - anyone know the feeling!!!

Then I discovered Stingray and found a range of protective swimwear from Babies to Adults that covered everything that I needed and was looking for. Now that my problem is solved, I want to share it with everyone.

It is so nice to wear a fabric that feels light and comfortable, does not retain water or break down after one summer season. Imagine the money you will save by not having to buy new swimwear each year not to mention the amount of sunscreen you will save.

See our Features and Benefits page or FAQ page for even more reasons to purchase your sun protective swimwear from Sun Protection Oz.

See our range from Babies to Adults – there is something for everyone.

Stinger Suits for maximum protection


At Sun Protection Oz we care about sun protection and avoiding sunburn and more importantly avoiding skin cancer and sun damage in later life.

We want you and your family to experience these fantastic garments for yourselves and see the real difference in quality to what you normally spend your hard earned $$$ on.

Sun Protection Oz Swimwear has a “point of difference” – There is NO LYCRA in the fabric (apart from a small % in the babies range & the hawaii print) – this means that your item will last for many years and still give you the highest sun protection rating of UPF50+.

We guarantee you will love this range of UV Sun Protection Swimwear because what you are getting here is not only long lasting quality but protection and peace of mind and let’s face it most parents don’t want to be putting sunscreen on themselves or their children every 5 minutes.

Thanks for visiting my “About Us” page and checking out our items.

We hope you have a fantastic shopping experience with us.

We guarantee you great service and excellent communication.

For instance if there is any question you have at all or you need more information, then don’t hesitate to send me a message and I will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours often much quicker.

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Happy Shopping and enjoy the summer season. We hope that wherever you are in the world you take care in the sun and enjoy the wonderful warmth & happiness that the sun brings.

Warm Regards