UV Swimsuits with great coverage for sports or leisure

Mums I know how it feels to want to look your best in a swimsuit after you have had a gorgeous baby or two and lets face it, our bodies as magnificent as they are, do go through some incredible changes…beautiful ones I might add though we sometimes feel like we would like to go back to the way we once were (wishful thinking)

Not to mention we are now spending most of our time tending to our little ones own sun protection needs which means we are not sitting in the most flattering position to be showing off our bodies.

So how about a swimsuit which offers terrific sun protection and flatters our post baby figures in the best way possible, not to mention the comfort you will be feeling whilst still looking mummy fantastic.

The first two photos are of our boyleg style in black or navy - great to protect your chest area from the burning sun. These have bust support so are great to exercise and then swim in. The last suit has no bust support but you can wear a sports bra or bikini top underneath. 

Here I am wearing the boy leg style in black with zip undone

Even if you are slim, your body shape often changes and you no longer want to wear a bikini and you just want something with a bit more cover but don’t want to feel frumpy.

Alll of these swimsuits are very flattering and can double up as active wear so they are terrific for any kind of work out or exercise regime or to wear swimming to protect your precious skin from the harsh UV rays. We all need a little sun but most of the time it’s a hassle reapplying sunscreen so why not be sun smart and grab yourself one of these great non lycra suits – your skin will be able to breathe.

See our Features and Benefits page for more wow factors.

Any questions please contact Julie on 0401 823 084 or email me at julie@sunprotectionoz.com.au

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