Finally rash shirts that will fit me - Plus Size Rash Shirt 2XL – 7XL

It can be extremely hard to find a good quality sun protection rash shirt at the best of times but finding them in sizes larger than XXL can be even more frustrating.

These excellent quality rash guards range from size 2XL to 7XL and come in Navy, Azure or Black and are unisex so can be worn or shared – even better wouldn’t you say.



Mens or Ladies Plus Size Rash Shirt

The great benefit is we have them available all year round, 24/7, which is great when its freezing cold where you live and you’re about embark on a warm summer holiday – (think palm trees, aqua coloured waters and soft white sand).

The benefits don’t stop there – you can also buy them from the comfort of your own home or wherever you like to do business so no frolicking around stores trying to find the right size or availability or worse finding the stores don't even stock them.

Other benefits include:

  1. No lycra – your rash guard vest will last for years and years (lots of savings there)
  2. Quality Italian chlorine resistant fabric that breathes (keeping you from feeling hot & sweaty)
  3. UPF50+ (keeping you safe from 97.5% of the sun’s harmful UV rays)
  4. Easy to wash and quick to dry
  5. Fabric has a two way stretch (feels very comfortable – fits like a glove, removes with ease)
  6. Flatlock stitching
  7. Ideal for water sports and general exercise.
  8. The UPF50+ is achieved by the tight weave of the fabric.

There is a real difference with these unisex rashies which you can feel the moment you touch them.

So avoid the hassle of shopping with the crowds and use your time to enjoy the things you do love to do.

Enjoy your rash guard for the holiday you can’t wait to go on, the water sports you love to indulge in be it water skiing, swimming, cycling, surfing or just simply enjoying the beach….the unique fabric is designed for competitive sports.

We all need a bit of sun to give us the Vitamin D we need but we also want the sun protection too to avoid sun damage in later life and avoid skin cancers.

Now you can enjoy both worlds ….

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