Plus Size Rash Vests - What size can I buy up to?

Do you find it difficult to find the a Rashie or Rash Vest that will be the right size for you. Well look no further as this will guide you in the right direction to finding a Plus Size Rashie that does cater for your needs.

Are you looking for one that is bigger than XXL if so we have the following sizes 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL & 7XL in Navy, Black or Aqua.

The best sort of material to look for if you want any kind of longevity in your product is to go for one that contains no lycra, one that will breathe, one that will retain colour and shape, one that will wash and dry easily and most importantly, one that will contain a UPF50+ that will protect your skin from 97.5% of the suns harmful radiation.

You certainly want your rash vest to last way more than one season so think about this before buying something really cheap, you dont want a baggy, out of shape garment that is almost see-through by the end of your summer season. You want it too look as good as new and vibrant in colour. 

When you touch the material of our Stingray Rash Vests you will feel the difference immediately.

Plus size rashies