Features & Benefits


  1. UPF50+ - Highest Sun Protection rating according to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4399:1996
  2. Chlorine Proof – no more concerns about your garment going out of shape or the sun protective weave breaking down when you use chlorine pools
  3. Tight weave - The UPF50+ is achieved by the unique tight weave of the fabric
  4. Flatlock stitching for longer lasting quality
  5. Breathable - Heat from the body is allowed to pass through the fabric
  6. Easy to wash - Rinse after wear or in mild detergent and hang on line inside out
  7. No chemicals have been added to the fabric
  8. Pilling resistant - prevents unsightly roughing up of the fabric through normal regular use
  9. Two way stretch – allows free movement for all sizes and shapes and fits the body comfortably
  10. Shape Retention – allows the garment to return to its original shape time and time again. Use it season after season without fear of it going out of shape. 



  1. EXCELLENT PROTECTION which blocks > 97.5% of the sun's UV radiation
  2. Chlorine Resistant - Exceptional wear and durability in sea and chlorinated water
  3. No Lycra in the product – garments will last 8-9 seasons (please note there is 18% lycra in the baby range, Hawaii print and the Ladies black active wear swimsuit)
  4. Not hot and sticky like lycra material - A quality fabric far superior to lycra
  5. Saves you money - Will not have to buy new swimwear each year
  6. Saves you money - More Cover = less sunscreen = more time to enjoy activities
  7. Less stress chasing children to put sunscreen on
  8. Minimises the risk of skin cancer in later life with quality protective clothing
  9. Stretch and recovery - Material has excellent two way stretch and recovery in all directions - Fits like a glove, removes with ease
  10. Incredibly comfortable - Material does not retain water so dries quickly
  11. Sensitive skin - Great for those with sensitive skin
  12. Mozzie resistant - Garment stays looking great and less chance of getting bitten by mozzies (we can't guarantee uncovered parts